Discover our great selection of shoe organizers.

Are you tired of having all your shoes in different places? Do you have so many that you don't know what to do with them? What you need is a shoe organizer, so you can have them well organized, in sight, and also the furniture coordinates with the interior design of your home

Thanks to our Shoe Storage Solutions, your shoes will always be perfectly organized.

Having the house organized is an essential element for the comfort of a home. We all like to come home and see everything in its place, that is why it is important to have pieces of furniture that helps us with this organization. And a shoe organizer in this case is the best option for keeping shoes tidy and not having to see shoes all over the place all the time.

The shoe organizer can be placed at the entrance of the house (so that when you come home from the street you can take your shoes off), as well as in the bedroom, the dressing room, the gallery, the bathroom... you will surely find the best location for your new shoe cabinet. In addition, our furniture takes up very little space, being placed even behind the doors.

We also have a portable shoe rack. In the space occupied by a pair of shoes, you can put our TIDY shoe rack with five pairs and a top handle that allows you to move it around very easily.

Main features of our shoe organizers:


Sturdy reinforced steel frame.

Available with 3 or 4 shoe compartments.

Space-saving and offers a large storage capacity.

Rounded cabinet edges for greater aesthetics and safety for children.

Metal shoe holding bar to match the frame and rounded edges that prevent scratches on the shoe when the shoe is inserted into the drawer.

Minimalist design handle.

Ergonomic design. Drawers opening: When you open the upper one, they all open at the same time and you can more easily find the shoes you want to use. Everything at a single glance. you don't have to bend down to open the lower drawers; your spine will thank you for it.

It also includes a practical patented additional top drawer for storing brushes, shoe polish and other accessories. You'll save a lot of trips by keeping all your cleaning utensils next to your shoes.

Internal perforation system that favours air circulation for better shoe preservation, minimising mould and bad smells in summer.

Lacquered in slightly textured powder coated with a matt touch, suitable for children's furniture.

Available in white, black and sand colours.

Delivered assembled with screws to hang it on the wall.

100% recyclable components and manufactured with 100% renewable energy

Large storage capacity shoe organizer KIBO


Solid reinforced steel frame with solid anti-tilt base.

Ergonomic handle for the perfect movement of the shoe rack.

Functional and practical, it can be placed in any room in the home. Very useful in small rooms.

Powder coated textured paint, matt touch, and suitable for children's furniture.

7 colours available: white, black, turquoise, pink, green, ochre and sand.

100% recyclable components and manufactured with 100% renewable energy.

Remember, home organization is "quality of life." With our designs, DON HIERRO helps you with daily household tasks. Our KIBO and TIDY shoe cabinets are functional, practical, and aesthetically very successful furniture.

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