DON HIERRO Corp. Home furniture and household items. European manufacturing. Quality and design since 1986.

The company has been designing and manufacturing in Europe for more than 35 years. Every day more than 15 million people see our urban furniture in the main European cities, and in their homes our auxiliary furniture and household items: laundry hampers, recycle trash cans, kitchen carts, etc...

In 2020, one of our products, the DROP dish rack received the Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design. Famous and award-winning European designers collaborate with us, giving us inspiration and creativity to our product lines.

DON HIERRO Corp. Sustainable manufacturing with 100% renewable energy.

In these times, fortunately, respectful manufacturing with the environment is taken into account, it is a pleasure to be able to make products with 100% renewable energy.

DON HIERRO has a multidisciplinary team where all departments are always very conscious of ecological manufacturing. We also demand this goal from our raw material suppliers with the components they supply us.

When you buy a product from DON HIERRO CORP, for example, a side table, a vegetable trolley, or a dish drainer, you know that it will be in your home for many years, and that everyone involved in its manufacture is committed to the environment. This is our philosophy as a manufacturer.

You can see our recycle trash cans, they have a variety of colors and materials such as lacquered steel, or stainless steel, you are sure to find the model that best suits the design of your kitchen. The same we can tell you about our trays, bottle organizers and bar carts, be sure that they are designed with materials to last over time.

Don Hierro Corp. Guarantee of quality and good service.

All shipments are made from our warehouses in Doral, FL and Allentown, PA.

We hire expert carriers so that the merchandise travels quickly and safely. The merchandise is well protected with 100% recycled cardboard boxes and extra strong quality that guarantees that our customers receive the product in perfect conditions.

We want our customers to have the guarantee of a good shopping experience and we put a lot of effort in this.

We believe that our trash cans and recycling bins and furniture are for almost a lifetime, and for this reason, we often handle requests for replacement parts for products sold more than 30 years ago, and we always provide the customer with a solution so that the product can last longer.

We attend from our office in Florida all the consultations by e-mail, phone, etc. that you need. We want you to feel very accompanied in your buying experience with us. 

Our more than 35 years of existence guarantee our quality, guarantee and service.

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