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We all need to have auxiliary furniture at home to give some versatility to different spaces. If you need to create a perfect environment at home, you are in the right place.
In this category of auxiliary furniture, you will find all kinds of ideal furniture that will respond to your needs.

On this section you will find:

Kitchen and serving carts: a piece of useful furniture for the kitchen, living room or the terrace ... apart from being functional they are aesthetically perfect. They come in different colours and compartments, so that you can store whatever you need, and place it wherever it suits you.

• Kitchen carts: they are the best option if we want to keep all vegetables well and fresh. Made of high quality materials, different designs and colours to satisfy every taste.

Bottle racks: if you are a wine lover you cannot miss a good wine rack at home to keep  all your bottles easily organized and surprise your guests with your collection. Made with the best of materials.

Regular and recycling waste bins: no doubt you will find here the best quality bins, both recyclable or not, made of stainless steel.

Folding tables: there is nothing more useful than having a folding table at home that always gets us out of trouble. We can move it all around the house depending on our needs, also, we can take it away easily.

Laundry baskets: laundry baskets are very functional when it comes to organize and sort clothes that require different washing machine programmes.

Shoe racks: If you are a shoe lover and don’t know how to organize them, a good shoe rack is the solution. In addition to being very practical and useful they have a beautiful design.

Baskets: With the multifunctional baskets of Don Hierro, their problems of space and household order are over. You can store everything you need in a comfortable and practical way; from children's toys, to books, magazines, newspapers ... you can even use it as a laundry basket! You can not miss it.

This is a great selection of quality auxiliary furniture, manufactured in Spain with the best materials, most in stainless steel, and some eco-friendly.

Don Hierro offers quality, functionality and design products. 

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