Buying Rolling and Foldable Bar Carts. Made in Spain.

Trolley Cart different possible positions view:

Folding trolley . four positions

Designed to be fit in in any interior environment, with multiple finishing options and a smooth and precise movement.

Position 1: Ultracompact folding (9cm deep), very easy to store.

Position 2: Half open, for a compact use

Position 3: Open, with large storage capacity

Position 4: Bottom tray half folding, ergonomically studied, for an easy use when it is used as an auxiliary table.

Every customer insists on their comments about the TROLLEY versatility at home, even more if it’s a small house, according to the current constructive fashions. It is necessary to optimize the measurements of the auxiliary furniture, so that they adapt to home and to our real needs.

In its four positions, fold, half-folded, open, and lower tray retracted, TROLLEY perfectly meets the use for which it was designed.

Imagine sitting on the sofa at home, dining on the Cart, or working with the Notebook on the upper tray, or children doing their homework.

If you try it, it will happen as a French customer told us, "for me it is an essential piece of furniture at home, as important as the washing machine, the refrigerator or the ironing board".

The TROLLEY means  usefulness  and organization at  home.


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